WheelKeep. The Invisible Bicycle Security System


Installed into the bike’s headset
it’s fully invisible from the outside

Sends a push notification
on every
motion of the bicycle

Tracks the bike location
to a precision of 2m

WheelKeep Energy

Conveniently charges up
inside the bicycle

WheelKeep Calendar

Works up to two weeks
on a single charge

WheelKeep Bike

Keeps the bike

WheelKeep Sensor

Has built-in
motion sensors

Is installed with a unique key

WheelKeep WhiteBike WheelKeep WhiteBike

Unscrew the top cap

Push the star nut down

Screw WheelKeep in

Keep in touch with your bike :)

Easy to use with a handy mobile app

App Image Security

One tap
to enable the
alarm mode

App Image Notification

Sends a
push notification
on every motion
of the bike

App Image GPS

Shows the
bicycle location
on a map

Be the first to get WheelKeep!

125$ 160$*

* The discount is valid for the time of preorder collection.
After the release, the cost will increase


As for today, WheelKeep is compatible with all the bikes that have iron straight steerer tube (1⅛ inch). Also, it is compatible with some of the bicycles with tapered steerer. Fill in the form with your bike model, and we will give you a definite answer :)
If you preorder WheelKeep, that will help our project a lot and contribute to its development. In gratitude, you are guaranteed to be one of the first to get the device by 31 March, 2022*.
*Please note that due to the global pandemic, the term may change.
If your bike has a carbon fork with metal steerer, check the previous question. If the steerer is also made of carbon, then, unfortunately, the answer is No. However, we are working on it. Fill in the form, and we will notify you as soon as WheelKeep is carbon-friendly.
Yes, WheelKeep has all the necessary water resistance to survive a heavy rain. Also, to ensure its reliability, we made WheelKeep dust-proof and shock-resistant.