The Invisible Bicycle Security System

Installed into the bike’s headset
it’s fully invisible from the outside

Sends a push notification
on every motion of the bicycle

Tracks the bike location
with a precision of up to 3m
Has a convenient
magnet charger
Works up to two months
on a single charge
Keeps the bike
Has built-in
motion sensors

Is Installed With a Unique Key

Unscrew the top cap

Push the star nut down

Screw WheelKeep in

Keep in touch with your bike :)

Easy to Use With a Handy Mobile App

Recovery and Insurance*

Recovery service — the police and private security companies will deliver the stolen bike back to you

Convenient in-app insurance will let you insure your bike in a couple of taps — giving you an ultimate peace of mind

*More information can be found in FAQ about subscription, at the bottom of this webpage

Who are the founders of WheelKeep?

Pavlo Herman
Illia Volkov
Roman Kvirikadze
Andrii Derhach
Product management

WheelKeep was built by a team of Ukrainian cycling enthusiasts who have combined forces to fight the common problem. With passion, relevant tech background, and advisory from industry experts, three years of hard work paid off — we are ready to offer a product that will revolutionize bicycle security.

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€150*  €190 
*€15 are paid upfront, €135 are paid upon delivery
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Still have questions?

Feel free to text us at contact@wheelkeep.bike, call us at +31616283409 or fill in the form and we will get in touch with you.
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